Review the LineClenze Beer Line Cleaning System



The LineClenze Beer Line Cleaning System. Here is some content we have copied from their website.

A wire antenna is wrapped around the outside 20 cm of the beer line. The other end of the wire is attached to the  LineClenze Device.

The LineClenze device generates an oscillating electrical impulse, which agitates the yeast that gathers in the beer lines, reducing the build up dramatically, allowing a longer time between beer line cleaning sessions, with a minimum of 28 days.

Up to 24 beer lines can be attached to a single device.

If you are using the LineClenze Beer Line Cleaning System, help others make an informed decision as to whether it is suitable for them in the comments section below, by adding the Pros and Cons of your system. E.G. Is it cost effective? Is it reliable? Is it easy to look after?

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