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Here’s the thing; I clean my lines weekly, but there are a few lines which either dure to slow moving product or duplicates do not get used as often as others. Occasionally on these lines when they are used the beer is cloudy on dispense and a few pints need pouring off before it runs clear.

My question is, to maintain clear running beer, how often and by how much to the lines need to be used e.g do i need to pour off 1 pint a day from each, one every cpl or few days, a few daily/2-3days etc

Any advice much appreciated as I want to ensure good pints dispensed every time without fear of being embarrassed by cloudy beer, but don’t want to be pouring more than needed down the drain


  1. Hi Karen

    Lets see if I got this right, I take by duplicates you mean e.g. 2 lager taps, using one during the week and 2 over the weekend. Would it be possible to leave water in the one line after cleaning the lines until you wish to bring that line into use, you could cut down a bit on wastage a bit that way.

    The reason you have cloudy beer is there is yeast in the line and the longer that the fresh beer stays in that line it also becomes infected. So as you have already found that out, you just have to find the best way to keep to keep the flow moving or stop selling it altogether.

    Even so if you clean the lines weekly you shouldn’t really have cloudy beer just after a few days perhaps you should evaluate your line cleaner and change it to one that is recommended by the major brewers. Perhaps start by using one of the heavy duty cleaners to make sure the lines are really clean to start with, to see if this could be your problem. You shouldn’t really have to pull beer off before each session.

  2. Thanks nicoteenrush, leaving water in the line wouldn’t really be a viable option as I have a front bar/back bar operation and they are both open daily, just the back bar is mostly used by regulars so the front one can go days without being used (and I have 2 carling pumps in the back bar plus one in the front) – I find that my staff tend to avoid pouring from the front bar even if serving from there just in case – so its partly a training issue but I also have one product that barely shifts and on both lines I have had problems with it going cloudy – I’ve just taken over from my partner who really wasn’t doing things by the book, so maybe the fact that the lines are now cleaned weekly religiously will make the difference – but it seems a really long time for beer to sit still in the line and not have a problem

  3. but it seems a really long time for beer to sit still in the line and not have a problem

    Now you’ve mentioned all that, I don’t think there is more that you can do apart what you are already doing.
    I was thinking just after you cleaned the lines, the lines should be clean then and free from yeast and shouldn’t be cloudy for the first couple of days at least. But your already on top of that.

    but I also have one product that barely shifts and on both lines I have had problems with it going cloudy

    They do say that you should sell the container within a week, as after that it doesn’t taste as good as it should. It starts to absorb the gas out of the bottle which isn’t as pure as the gas produced in the brewing process. Perhaps it might be worth taking off sale.

  4. Thanks again nicoteen rush, the problem with the slow moving beer is solved as I no longer sell it, but still leaves me with the problem of the duplicated lines – really all I’m asking is how often and by how much the lines need to be used so that I can be confident that the beer will never cause me embarrassment. I want to make a checklist with last used dates for each font, but I need to know the answers to my questions so I know if I ever need to pull smoe off and how much

  5. Not sure if this is a wind up Karen, but you should know by now, everything in this game isn’t black and white. There is so many variables in what you are asking, how clean are the lines? how long since the lines have been cleaned? How long since you have cleared the line? etc etc. If you didn’t know already there isn’t one.

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