set up


hi everyone
i am in the process of setting up my beer line
i have gas,cooler,tap,keg connecter also have managed to get a cleaning socket to fit keg connector also co2 fed pump in which i would like to use to clean my beer lines,my problem is i would appreciate a idea of how to connect this all together . At the moment i have the standard CO2 to keg,keg to cooler,cooler to tap
i gather i ether use the cleaning socket or the CO2 pump not both together,also i have short line around 14 to 16 ft would i need a beer fobber(cellarbuoy)
thanks for any help with this as you would have noticed reading this i am very new to this but would like to make this work


    • yeah that would be brilliant
      want to send via email? or here
      sorry i took so long to get back as been working away

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