Sharp’s Atlantic Keg Gas Type Needed


I have just had Sharp’s Atlantic installed on keg in my bar. The cellar services technicians have installed it on the C02 gas line and advised to not use the creamer at dispense. I did question this choice of gas at the time and even the technician was unsure in his answer. Can anyone advise if it’s on the correct gas, I’ve been told by a few customers that it should be on the 70/30 mix and the creamer for dispense. Can anyone advise please before I potentially waste my Cellar Service’s time. At the moment when its pouring, it’s more akin to a lager than a pale ale. When the creamer is used is fobbing like mad. Thank you in advance.


  1. Spec for that brand is either CO2 or 60/40 has. As for sparkler can be to customer preference though not an orifice plate as per say a smooth flow bitter.

  2. Thank you for that info, will give it a try with a sparkler instead of a nozzle without the plate to see it that improves the pour.

  3. A craft sparkler is recommended rather than an ale/cask sparkler as craft can be locked off after adjustment. If it’s not right get tech services back out.

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