Shelf Cooler problem


Hi Guys, need some help please with my Shelf Cooler, I have HC 5 SHELF COOLER but its not producing a ice bank, to test it a ex engineer connected the thermostat so it ran continuously and it created a ice bank, had a new thermostat fitted and had it re gassed, it gets very cold now but still don’t create a ice bank !! the machine runs then stops the runs, I guess the thermostat is working as the water is icy cold but no ice bank, do you have any ideals what I can try next ? Please


  1. You’ve bypassed the thermostat and created an ice bank. Seems like you may have the wrong thermostat or the probe may not be right. I haven’t worked on one of these.

    • Thanks Bill, yes when the old thermostat was bypassed for a few hours it created a ice bank, the new thermostat is doing the same runs but cuts out before is creates the ice bank and then re starts, the part number on the new thermostat it was replaced by is the same , not sure what to try next, I managed to buy it fairly cheap so don’t mind trying a few parts to see why is isn’t running properly , just wondering if the new thermostat is faulty as well or just not man enough for the job intended!!

      • If it works bypassing the thermostat, then logic says it would have to be the new thermostat that is faulty. Just to check that ice hasn’t just formed on the bottom of the tank. The python recirc pump should be switched on, when your testing it as this has a propeller on the bottom to keep the water moving to prevent ice forming in the centre and forces ice to form on the outside. It is difficult to diagnose without seeing it.

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