Shelf/flash Cooler not getting cold


I just bought a maxi 210 cooler for my home bar and its not cooling the water.
Everything seems to be working when switched on. The fan kicks in and I can hear the compressor click on. We’ve replaced the recirc pump and the thermometer but it’s still not cooling the water. Any other ideas of what can be wrong?


  1. Have you given the condenser a good clean to remove any dust and fluff? if compressor is running and fan also could be condenser clogged or refrigerant loss.

  2. Sound’s like it needs gassing if the condenser is clean. The top copper pipe should get hottish after the compressor cuts in. I would try and get your money back.

    • Yes, try cleaning the rubbish in the fan at the frunt of the cooler, blow air through the fan at the front and the coil behind fan ,plus leave the lid off the cooler so you can see that the agitator is working ie spinning , if not it could be the agitator rusted up, don’t try to turn the agitator with your fingers as if it it frozen, all you will do is loosen the plastic bit in the top.

  3. Thanks guys, I stupidly bought it through Facebook so no chance of getting money back! I’ll try and clean out the condenser. Is re gassing expensive?

    • Probably more than you paid for it. The problem is you can’t really tell if it’s working correctly unless you have it running a couple of hours. The only way quickly to tell is what I’ve said above to check the compressor is working. But then you should check the motor is working above the ice bank to stop the whole lot freezing over. But then you only can only check if the thermostat is working by leaving it on for a few hours to tell if it is making ice and the compressor cuts out. it’s a pity, if you bought it off ebay you could get your money back.

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