Hi, could anyone tell me if it is okay to place a Flash cooler in a cellar? Dave.


  1. If by flash cooler you mean undercounter cooler. The answer would really be no. However it all depends on the distance from the cooler to the tap, the further away from the tap will result in fob in the bottom of the glass before cold beer comes through (wastage). Some coolers have a small recirc which might give you a bit of leeway if you were to put a ceiling bracket in the cellar to hold the cooler to give the shortest distant to the tap. A cellar engineer would be better able to advise you in situ. The best way would be to get a mini remote, for a couple of beers.

  2. Well, the amount of clubs -pubs I have been in ,most have there flash coolers ‘if needed,’ on the bottom shelf but must have plenty of room surrounding the cooler for heat to escape and nothing to block or hinder the grill at the front, most coolers have a resec on and the font of them ,
    The font on the bar must be as close to the cooler as poss, so the font is positioned directly above the cooler.

  3. Hi thank you both for your answers. Our clubs flash cooler is one mighty big chunk! about 26″ square all the keg beer goes through it. No chance of moving it anywhere near the font. Will get Tech services to see what can be done when possible. Cheers to you both Dave.

  4. You did not make that clear about the size of your cooler,
    That one is a remote cooler in the cellar and has a max of ten lines, yes, get Tec service out to look at it, could be the cooler celinoid?. Need changing ,or dirt/dust blocking the flow of air to and from the remote itself, they may possibly change it for another one,
    One word of caution, don’t take there offer of changing your equipment and putting in a new cleaning system ,it will keep you from having a beer from a different brewery, and only use there beers at a price and keep you tyed to them for years,
    Stay independent if you can.

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