slight fobbing


i have a home bar in my garden shed i have two fonts san miguel and coors light i have a flash cooler my lines are all insulated but not cooled between keg and flash cooler i have co2 pressure set at 15 psi and when  i pour a pint i can see clear beer then foam then clear beer again kegs are kept outside and lines clean on regular basis (every two weeks)do i need to cool the lines from keg to flash cooler about 8 foot long this problems gets worse as the day goes on  and as heating put on in bar


  1. It sounds like your flow rate is too high. What is the pour time of a pint?
    Lager should be 14-15 seconds. If it is quicker you may need a flow restricter in line

  2. I have a home bar and tend to find Molson products serve better with 60/40 mixed gas with about 35-40 Psi. In summer if you have a spare recirc on your flash cooler make a python the same length as your line before cooler. So use pipe out and back into recirc so you have a circle of chilled water. Tape and insulate (use foil gaffa tape and large pipe lagging and gaffa again) this around your beer line so beer is starting to cool before it gets to the flash cooler. Effectively begin cooling process so it preserves ice bank in cooler. If you want to stick with CO2 you need to reduce flow rate I suggest. It’s about messing with the balance and fine tuning till you get it right. Dave

    • Hmm, it appears you’ve got cooling, pressure and restriction in place OK. My next option would be to look at Co2 absorbtion into the beer, or the spire being above the beer. Is your keg tilted or vertical? If you can hear the gas/fob rush along the line, there is clearly air getting into the line somehow be that inside the keg or upstream of it, or the keg is so Co2 absorbed it is coming out in “chunks” (virtual not lumps!) in the line

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