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keg couplers in cleaningmainWe have no problem with keg beer quality, we clean our lines weekly but being a community association based around functions, we can at certain times of the year, go 10 days without opening the bar but are still cleaning the lines every 7 days.
Based on a 10 day bar cycle, After the first clean, we have been told to pull beer through the lines and leave it there for 7 days until it is discarded at the second clean to be replaced prior to the forthcoming bar – can we leave water in the lines instead of beer between cleans ?

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  1. It’s always best to never to leave water in the lines for too long if you can help it. In my mind there is nothing worse than a stagnant water smell or taste that you would get even after a week.
    Surely it would be best just to thoroughly (and I mean thoroughly) clean the lines just before you use them 10 days isn’t such a long time to leave the beer in the lines. You must be getting an awful lot of waste.

  2. Leaving water in the lines is never good, tests I have done show that even within a week the levels of bacteria can shoot through the roof.  Leaving beer in the lines is slightly better but will give a lot of wastage and therefore loss in operating profit. (and never ever leave beerline cleaner in the lines for longer than 30-40 minutes otherwise along come the dreaded phenolic flavour taints).


    The best solution even for a week is to use something that can keep the beer line clean and ready to use without the need to leave water and beer in there.  One product we manufacture is called Guardian Beerline protector (I haven’t seen or heard of anyone else making a similar product yet but there may be others out there), it is designed to be put into the lines after cleaning and then can sit there for up to 6 months at a time.  There is no need to re-clean the lines before putting them back in use just flush with water and then put your beer back on.


    If you would like any info on it let me know.

  3. I have a customer who uses our Britelines cleaner. He had the same problem. Now he cleans his lines and then leaves a one half percent dilution in the lines until his next function then just connects the beer. Let me know if you would like more info.

    • Sorry George we can’t advocate someone coming on here saying it is OK to leave line cleaner in the lines. Most line cleaners are caustic or toxic if you like, as well as damaging lines it could also be possible for someone to accidentally drink some. We have a duty of care to our readers and it doesn’t matter how weak or safe the product is, we have to look at the industry as a whole and apply those rules. We already have a post on this subject.

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