Slow pouring Carlsberg in USA?


cellarbuoy51I’m two years old at beer dispense, own a Brit restaurant in Florida and have imported some equipment as here its all kegerators. I brought in Guinness and Carlsberg “Extra Cold” pumps from the UK and run a glycol cooling system and “Cool-tubes” just below the bar. The Guinness runs fine but the Carlsberg pump uses 3/16 OD tubing built in to it which is not used State-side. I ordered connectors and more tube and its been working but the pour is very slow much to our bar servers distress. I tried turning up the C02 just to Carlsberg but that just increased foam. Should I have ran the 3/16 OD right back to the keg so as that was the size also entering the “Cool tube” rather than just from the output spigot or is there something else I should be doing? Any suggestions appreciated.


  1. hi ukpip

    Our terminology over here is different, so bear with us. The 3/16 OD pipe is used to slow down dispense and hold the gas in solution to help prevent fobbing a 5ft length would be a good place to start, you haven’t said if you have a flow adjuster or not is this fully open?

    As you aren’t using a kegerator, where is the container stored is it under the counter? If you are using equipment from the UK, the temperature of the container determines, what to set the Co2 gas at. A photo of you set up would help.

    • Thank you. The Carlsberg is in a satellite Kegerator about 12 foot from the font/pump. the line is insulated and flows with glycol pipes to the “Cool Tub” by Brewfitt which is from the UK – a small drum like cylinder that is filled with the circulating glycol and the beer enters and exits through 15mm spouts. From entry the beer is split into 1/16″ stainless coils so that every part of the beer is chilled even more before heading to the dispense tap. The “cool tube” is directly under the bar beneath the tap so where the beer comes out from its 15mm tube it gets adapted straight down to the 3/16 OD tube which is about 6″ from the font base so I guess the overall length of the 3/16 pipe is only 2 foot to dispense point. There is no flow adjustment.

      • They way you have described it, a 12ft run is nothing it should be blasting out. Is the cool tube you’re using one of these?

        You could remove the keg connector from the container to check gas is coming through at a good rate, and the gas pipe is not kinked or anything like that. If the gas pressure is right, and the cool tube is also connected up right, one check would be the fittings connected to the cool tube I have found a plug or blockage in one of these before now. Or if possible as a quick check to eliminate it is bypass the cool tube altogether I know it wont be pourable but just to see if the speed is there without it. Just a thought.

    • Hi from the UK. You seem to have a good set up that just needs tweaking. CO2 pressure is very important. If you have a CO2 regulator with a gauge then generally with a cool cellar or kegerator a pressure of 18 to 20 psi would be reasonable.
      Reducing the 3/16 tubing will increase the flow rate. Draught Carlsberg should not be served too quickly, an 18 to 20 second pint would be about right as Carlsberg has quite a high CO2 content.
      In short check the gas pressure,make sure the keg is kept cold and consider reducing the 3/16 tubing.
      Carlsberg has never been a rapid pourer and is not meant to be served over quickly. I hope this may be of some use. Keep Inndoctor posted. Regards Boz

      • Thank you. It is a very slow pour, normally around 30 seconds per 20oz pint. My co2 was set around 12 psi, so I’ll up it to 18 and see what happens.

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