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As the old saying goes  “familiarity breeds contempt”.

Cleaning Fluid
Cleaning Fluid

Whilst visiting a beer cellar recently one of our contributing technicians came across a safety issue   that affects us all. As he was doing his technical thing with the spanners he noticed the landlord was cleaning the beer lines. Fine no problem there he thought but then he could not help  notice the way in which the landlord was chucking beer line cleaner casually around the cellar as though this stuff was harmless.

The technician felt he had to give him a gentle reminder about how dangerous beer line cleaner can be.

He told him about a case where a a female landlady had spilt line cleaner on her foot  and had not bothered to wipe it off. She became seriously ill with blood poisoning, the cleaner having been absorbed through her skin.

Needless to say the landlord saw the error of his ways.

So lets just remind ourselves once more …..Beer Line Cleaning Fluid is Dangerous.

Use it with care and observe good health and safety practices at all times.

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