Stella goes nuts halfway through pouring a pint


Stella-tapHi guys. Hoping someone will be able to point me in the right direction here. For the last couple of weeks off and on at about the halfway mark when pouring a pint of Stella it starts massively fobbing. I can’t figure it out. It doesn’t happen all the time. Has no relation to line cleanliness – I clean them once a week but it happens just as often the day after they’ve been cleaned as the day before they’re due to be cleaned. Also it only ever happens when pouring a pint. I can pour halves into half pint glasses with no issue which made me think there was a problem with the glasses. But whatever brand of glass I use apart from nonics without the fizzy thingy on the bottom, which decreases the ice cream slightly, I get the same explosion.


All thoughts welcome. I’ve been scratching my head so much over this I’m in danger of losing my hair. I’ve also been pulling fair amounts of it out on account of all the (reassuringly expensive!) lager overflowing the driptray and streaming along the bar floor. 10 pint Pete did offer to clean the spillage up with a straw but it thought that would probably be against some sort of health and safety regulation.




  1. Hi Alfie

    You don’t want to keep pulling your hair out, it doesn’t grow back I can vouch for that.ha! ha!

    Basicaly how it works, you turn on the tap, the pressure in the line drops and gas leaves the beer. To stop this happening gas goes into the barrel at a slightly higher pressure and this stops the gas breaking out in the line which is what is happening to you. These days there is usually a gas pump to assist the beer to the tap this helps keep the line pressure up and gas in solution over a long run.

    The first thing to check is the gas switched on(it happens), or has someone inadvertantly turned the gas pump off. Another favourite, is the pipe kinked down by the coupler, this will stop or slow gas going into the barrel. You will probably still have to clear the line to check if it’s OK. You can also check that the gas regulator isn’t faulty and gas really is going into the barrel by switching off the gas and removing the coupler then switching on again there should be a strong whoosh. Finally if you have shown how to do this by a Technician you can slow the rate of flow by adusting the flow adjuster under the bar (but only do this if you have been shown how to do it or you could make it worse).

    This is really all you can check, just call out tech services who can balance the pressure of the gas with the temperature of your cellar. They will also check to see if you have a dodgy tap or flow control etc. Hope this helps.

  2. Many thanks for the reply. I’ve checked the gas lines, all seem fine. Whoosh test passed successfully (I’d forgotten about that trick). Strangely the Stella doesn’t have a gas pump whereas the Carlsberg and Somersby both do. Only thing I can assume is this is because they’re running off co2 and the Stella’s on 60/40.

    I was shown years ago how to adjust the flow adjuster, but can’t remember which way to turn to reduce the flow and would rather not have Niagra Falls coming out of my Stella tap. It looks like it might have to be a phonecall to the tech.


  3. Sorry I thought you were on Co2 you don’t really need a gas pump on 60/40. It does sound as if it’s down to the speed of the flow an engineer will identify if it’s this for you straight away, yes call them out it also helps keeps us in a job.

  4. Always keen to keep people employed! One more question though, if I may and it’s one you may not know the answer to if you work on the sharp end. As I’m a free house, will I end up getting a bill from the InBev tech guys?


    Apologies if this is a stupid question. I’ve been doing this job pretty much my entire working life, but it was only about six months ago that I got talked into managing the place I’m currently in. Something I’ve not done before. So negotiating with suppliers, calling out cellar services, having to be up for 7 on a Tuesday when the dray come, etc etc etc is all completely new to me!

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