Stillaging (Thrawling) Real Ale


cask ale

  • Wherever possible casks must be stillaged (thrawled) (A stillage is any device on which a cask is placed for use, this may be a raised concrete area, a wooden or metal rack) on delivery. Casks should be stillaged level and firmly “scotched”(wooden wedges) to prevent movement
  • If insufficient space is available to stillage a cask on delivery, it should be scotched level on the floor and spited (vented through the shive) in the normal way. When stillage space becomes available, the cask should be rolled and then stillaged and re spited to achieve best finings results.




While venting and tapping the cask lying on its side is the traditional way of looking after cask ale, there are other ways especially if space is at a premium. Basically you use the same process to stillage vertically as you would with a container lying on its side.

Casks also be used in an upright position, see our article.
cask widge
The cask widge is another upright extraction method that is proving popular.

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