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Hi all, I have a keg of stow ford with an older co2 regulator with release valves on it at 45psi, the regulator doesn’t have a gauge on it so we are running it as supplied by the previous owner who ran Carlsberg through it. It pours well but I’m wondering if we have too much co2 going in as it’s quite fizzy. I am thinking of investing in a newer mixed regulator that has a gauge for adjusting, please advise with the psi rating for cider and lager. Thanks in advance.


  1. This is really a forum for pubs, the gas pressure would be a very similar to Carlsberg, but at the end of the day it all depends on the temperature of your cellar, the pressure needs to balanced with the temperature of your cellar. Another factor would be how long it is on sale, overtime it will absorb gas and that would make it appear fizzy.

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