Strange Taste After Line Cleans


Hi All,

Having a weird issue with our smoothflow products (Guinness & Bombardier).

We do a line clean once a week using the Chemisphere Purple Line cleaner, however after the clean we get a kind of Metallic taste in both, like a slight bitterness.

Also there is a slight vinegar taste from the bombardier?

Any help would be great, we generally do the following

flush through with water
30L cleaning tank across 7 taps
10 minutes contact, pull through 2 pints (line length) repeat x2 until all cleaning fluid spent.
Flush through with about 6 litres of water per tap?

Cider and Lager tastes Ok.

Thanks in advance!


  1. Hi Millwall
    Cleaning through 3 times a week should be enough with pipeline, but as you say theres a taste after line cleans does this mean it tastes ok after a bit?

    Perhaps a thorough clean with something a bit stronger might help, like Pipline Gold or a heavy duty caustic cleaner like Protinate and flush out with plenty of water to remove any debris. But if you wish to remain greenish Chemisphere also do a bottoming out kit you could try.

    Sounds like you may have some stubborn bio-film in your line. The bitter generates more yeast than lagers and ciders and if you do have some yeast left in your line after a clean it could absorb some of the line cleaner and give you that taste. Hope this is of some help.

  2. Hi There Mr Millwall When you cleaned with Pipeline did you clean through until the solution came out Purple and before you rinsed away ?
    Do you remember how long it took before the solution went back to purple (or did it stay purple all the way through)

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