Now everything else is just about sorted I’ve been reviewing our suppliers. The brewery is sh*te and so expensive! On a trip to Bookers the other day I noticed that they are selling quarter bottles of wine for £8 a case cheaper! I projected the sales and this is going to save the club about £600-£1000 a year just on one product! Their Budweiser (now stopped being stocked by the brewery) is cheaper as is the Bulmers bottles. It makes no difference to me as I have to go to Bookers every week and its just down the road. I buy Corona bottles from there too, I charge £1.75 a bottle, half the price of the nearest pub and still make 77% profit! I think I’m going to get all of my bottles from there from now on, for really big shopping trips I can borrow a van.


  1. Hi Nowey, I think you are on to a winner. If you are not tied to a brewer then it pays to shop around. Have a look at this article we covered a while ago
    I am not suggesting you go as far as buying your own equipment but more people like you should be prepared to think outside the cosy "Buy everything from us." deal the brewers offer. Check the price of your brewery bottled gases in comparison with local suppliers,you may get a nice surprise.
    Cheers Boz.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys. It’s certainly inspired me to shop around more. Am definitely going to buy the real ale from a smaller, more local brewery too (just have to do a few taste tests first 🙂 and get the train home!)
    We held a funeral for a local Irish family yesterday and got some great tips from them too. Do any of you go direct to Guiness? I was told that the equipment is a lot better from them and their Guiness tends to taste more "Irish", whatever that means but they had been drinking for 11 hours so that’s why I’m asking x

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