Has any one on here got a Guinness Surger Unit on their bar and if so What do you think. More importantly what do your customers think


  1. I’ve been told by one of my customers that they are the best thing since sliced bread, they are unable to sell Guinness draft because sales have fallen, I thought that was the case until recently I’ve been told by another that his Guinness drinkers won’t touch it. So I don’t know, I don’t drink the stuff myself so I can’t really have an opinion.

  2. Check the price of the cans , they seem quite expensive. But they are a good way of selling "draught" and the quality is good.

  3. What about draught Murphy’s stout. I used to have this in another bar but it seemed to die the death. I have to say I don’t see much of it about these days. What if any brewery is selling it these days?

  4. Well our Surger unit is here. We have Murphy’s on tap but dont sell enough to keep it on so will go with the Surger. The unit came free from Guinness. The cans are £1.30+VAT but the shelf life is much longer Oh and Heineken sell Murphys.

  5. We have had a surger for 2 years now for the people who don’t like Murphy’s The cans keep fresh for ages and most Guinness drinkers can’t tell the difference. However we sell far more Murphy’s than Guinness.

  6. We have 3 Surgers as we run outside bars it is even less practical to put on draught Guinness. The surgers work a treat and we hear from drinkers that it tastes equal too if not better than full blown draught. After all each serving is probably fresher than keg Guinness. I think the Guinness guy in the video called the can “the smallest keg of Guinness in the world” 😀

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