Every beer I pull through this line now has a slight TCP taint


TCP taintHi there, I had a faulty hand pull pump which broke down during a line clean.. Pump was repaired 2 weeks later.. Every beer I pull through this line now has a slight TCP taint to it.. How can I get this running properly again..? I’ve tried a fresh half hour line clean and run gallons of water through it.  no customer has complained but I can taste it.. Please help! Phil



Sorry Phil, In our experience you will seldom get rid of that TCP taste. There is a product called Guardian, from Proton, that you could try, but we feel the best plan would be to use an unused line if you have one in the python and replace all tubing from the cask tap. Not a big job for your tech.


  1. AVANI agrees with the advise given in terms of the complexity of this taint. But to give some further info on it the described TCP taint is called Chlorophenol. It is a bit of a mystery so on that basis how to cure it is also a mystery. It can happen in old and new lines and no one really knows how. Guardian will do nothing for it so don’t waste your time. We have cleaned a number of Cholorphenol taints away with the AVANI SOS but probably only 50 % have been successful – it just depends on how deep the taint has penetrated the line. You wont be surprised to learn that the route cause apparently is over use of Chlorine in Phenolic beers such as dark beers, bitters stouts and smooths etc. In Ireland they don’t use chlorinated beer line cleaners and guess what they don’t have Chlorophenol issues. I hope I haven’t bored you with the detail.

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