Tetley Cask Bitter


Just watched a TV add for Tetley Cask Bitter. Who would have thought eh! Not that long ago beer engines where being ripped out. Is this the end of Nitro bitters. I hope so.


  1. Tetley Bitter used to be brewed in Leeds, using the traditional Yorkshire Squares. Not sure where it is brewed now. Tetley bitter will drop bright usually in about 12 hours, depending on cellar conditions.

  2. Not sure where Tetley Cask Bitter is brewed these days, or who owns the brand. Interesting that the penny has dropped and that Tetley cask is once again being promoted. I used to enjoy a good pint of Tetley Cask. A world of difference from the nitro version that also bears the name. Is the reason more cask beers in general are not being sold laziness on the part of pub chains and landlords or just a lack of understanding of how easy cask beer is to have on tap.

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