tetley smooth


I am getting a very big head on my tetley smooth, having to top up after dispense, this is causing wastage, i used to just set glass on drip tray, pull until the smooth reaches top of glass and it would settle with a nice head, now the head is way to big


  1. If it used to work ok it sounds as if your setup is alright. Tetley can be a yeasty bitter and needs a really thorough clean using a good line cleaner. Also what can happen is the flow adjuster under the tap can get clogged up with irregular cleans.

    A suggestion would be next time you clean the lines would be to open this fully so it is flowing as fast as it is able, so if there is anything in there it will clear it out. Then when you connect it up to the beer afterwards slow it down till it the dispense is clear from the tap. This usually works for me, If that doesn’t work you may have to call out tech services to change the flow adjuster.

    • thanks very much for the info, the lines are cleaned once a week using the same cleaner we have used for quite a few years, i am very new to this game, where can i find the flow adjuster

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