The beer is too cold!!


extra_cold_cooler1I retired as a club secretary in 2001 and in 2010 I was asked to return as the club had been driven into debt, however in that interim period all the beers on the bar had become ‘cold ‘ beers at around 7degrees centigrade. The bar staff was new and hadn’t known any different. I have asked a number of reps for the reasons why this is now the norm and I just get fobbed off with ‘keg beers have to be sold at those temperatures’. I don’t like ‘cold’ beer and other drinkers feel the same, can you give me the definitive answer to my problem.


  1. Hi Brian, it seems since you have been away some of your beers have been changed to extra cold with condensation fonts etc. Why not ask your rep if some of the products can be changed back, it should only mean removing a pod and if its a T bar the plaque and the tap would need converting. These days its all down to cost, and that will be down to the rep who may be reluctant to; as they may have just paid out to have your system upgraded. Your don’t say which products are too cold.

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