The Guinness isn’t pouring correctly


guinnesThe Guinness was pouring fine up until right at the end of last night, so we changed the gas this morning & we are still having the same problem as its pouring flat as a pancake.
We have checked that the gas switch is turned on and the barrel is still 3/4 of the way full. Any ideas as to why this problem is occurring?

Cheers, Joe from The Engine in Baldock.


  1. This is just an idea, if you ran out of gas towards the end of the night and you sold several pints from the container over time the container would go flat and lose it’s charge. This is quite easy to do this, as people put the glass under the tap and let it pour itself while doing something else, in other words it would start pouring slower and it might not be noticed.
    Then this morning by changing gas, the barrel would start to recharge, but this in itself would take a long time. And also the Guinness you have in the line would also be flat and this would have to be flushed out. You could test this out by putting on a new container. As I said at the beginning it is just an idea.

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