There are long white feathery bits in my Carling

feathery white bits in carling lager
Floaters in Carling

You are feeling quite pleased with yourself, your customers say you have the best beer in town, you know this because you have your line cleaning and glass washing regime down to a fine art.

Then it happens, as you are handing a pint of Carling to a customer you notice long white feathery bits floating around like goldfish. Argggh!! what can that be? You discreetly move the pint to the sink and quickly pour another, this one still has white bits in so you pour another and breathe a sigh of relief because this one is back to normal. You then remain on tender-hooks all night in case it happens again.

Next day the Carling gets an extra special clean because you’ve decided this isn’t going to happen again, this time you notice the line cleaner is drawing some white bits out with it, it is not like normal yeast, but it keeps pulling out these bits for what seems like ages and then you flush out with loads of water till all these Alien life forms have been removed, so its job done and you can now relax again.

Two or maybe three weeks pass you’ve been cleaning the lines as normal then, it happens again, but more frequently in the summer. Taking the tap apart this time everything looks spotless, could it be the flow control? It can’t the be pipework in the cellar that’s just been replaced . You ask the local engineer who tells you the lines aren’t clean, but you explain that you clean weekly and thoroughly.  But then you get that “yeah right” look, but what else can it be? And by others you have been told is down to the sugars in Carling, which is brush

But the cause is really straightforward, so there really wasn’t a need to set up that “Feathery white bits in Carling” support group after all.

Unlike other taps the nozzle on the stainless steel tap isn’t removable, so you won’t be surprised by all the crap that gets stuck up there.yeast on cleaning brush

You are probably wondering why write an article about cleaning a nozzle with a brush. Well how many of us go around with our eyes wide shut, we all know we have to clean that nozzle with a brush. But as I go around It’s surprising how many of us do not have the right brush to do the job. So It’s really to remind you to get a cleaning brush because unless you have the right one this problem will persist .

But getting that right brush is easier said than done for a start they don’t sell them in Boots. I have since found a suitable one it’s a 15mm cleaning test tube cleaning brush, that does the job brilliantly.  Where did I find some, yes your right on ebay. As they took two weeks to arrive I’m assuming they came from Hong Kong,  I’m sure we must sell them in this country. But really shouldn’t they be more readily available within the industry? I’m sure there is more to add to this please leave your comments below.


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