There isn’t any keg beer coming out of the tap


beer taps

    • In the cellar, check the plastic see through fob detector, directly above the keg on the wall, is full of beer. If it is empty of beer, then the keg in use is empty. Change to a new keg.
    • Make sure that the gas to the keg is switched on, usually there is a gas valve.
    • Check full gas bottles are connected to the gas system and that they are turned on.
    • If there is a gas pump fitted, these are usually small black box type units on the wall, make sure the gas supply to them is switched on.
    • If there are electric pumps on the system make sure they are switched on and the prime button has been pressed.
    • Check the tap, make sure the sparklers or diffusers are clean and free from contamination.
    • If beer is still not serving contact your local Tech Services


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