Throthy strongbow


I have a fosters super chilled 3 tap system with fosters 1664 and strongbow on it. When I pore the strongbow its fine for the first few seconds but then it seems to serge and I get nothing but froth I have the same unit in the bar that is fine. They both run off the same barrel. Lines are cleaned ever week religiously. Any ideas of the caulse please.
Thanks Dawn


  1. Hi Dawn welcome to the forum, could be a couple of things if one of the taps is working ok. Is the one thats fobbing running a lot faster? you could try slowing down the speed of dispense down a bit if you know how to.

    But perhaps the run to the first tap, the one thats working ok; is shorter than the other and the gas pressure might need adjusting to compensate. But I think you will need to call out Tech services they will be able to balance the top pressure of the container with the temp of the cellar maybe install a gas pump if you havent got one. It is difficult to diagnose without being on site to see the problem. I know its not much help but to sort out this one you will need to call out Tech Services, cider is too expensive to waste call them out after all you are selling their product, they will need to sort it.

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