To cool or not to cool, that is the question


So you’r a real ale drinker, the sun is beating down, you have just changed the steering rack on your XKR[ thats my Jag reference there..] you are knackered and your body aches for a pint of Old Fart bitter, after all you deserve it. Panic sets in, can you make it to the boozer down the road, sod the hands covered in oil and best trousers ripped at the crotch, God you need that pint.
Having beaten Linford Christies’ record for the 100 metre pub dash you burst into the bar gasping, eyes bulging and drool running from your mouth. The order is placed the pint is poured and placed in front of your trembling hands.STOP!!!!O.M.G….
You have discovered your favourite Old Fart cask ale has been chilled slightly. What would you do?
A. Swallow the pint anyway.
B.Engage the landlord in a meaningful debate about how cask beer shouldn’t be chilled, even slightly.
C.Run back to your XKR[another Jag reference you notice] and speed off to find a proper pint.
B.Do all of the above?
Answers please. Oh by the way did I mention I have a Jaguar XKR?


  1. Bet you can’t get a remote cooler and outdoor heat exchanger in it … 😛

    A cold beer is better than no beer when you’re spitting feathers.

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