Undercounter Kegs



I am opening small beer bar and due to size constraints would be looking at running 4 to 5 kegs from under the bar. I have been advised against doing this but unfortunately it doesn’t appear I have many alternatives (no cellar – outside area we were going to convert is too small for a working space and can only really be used as storage).


I was wondering whether anyone could provide me with some advice on best way of using this method as I have spoken to a local micro pub not too far away who have an excellent reputation for their beer quality including their keg products which are dispensed this way – kegs kept at ambient temp and then lines run through a remote cooler in room above and then back down again to taps. They have never experienced any problems with quality or temperature of their keg beer and ideally I was looking at also doing this as despite what I have been told  this pub/bar seems to be doing just fine

Additionally, I have now also come across undercounter keg coolers (bar I spoke to didn’t use these). If i was to go down this route would i also need to run the lines through a remote cooler and the keg cooler is just used as a mini cellar (i.e. maintain temp around 12 and then cooler will chill further before dispense)


ideally I would like to go for the first method and would (similar to the micropub I have spoken to) have our remote cooler located in another room but now these keg coolers I have come across have me confused!

Hope someone can help! Any help much appreciated as looking to plan bar build pretty soon!




  1. I should have added that the reason for keeping kegs at 11C is to reduce CO2 absorption, as the brewer will have set the blanket pressure with this temp in mind. Casks contain live beer which will continue to ferment, (little bit more alcohol and a whole lot of grief. Keeping the cask cool slows this down.

  2. I’m have a mobile bar business with friends and we use a remote 6 product cooler with water recirculation directly under the bar, we have had zero issues with this and it pours the best pint. For our ale we have stillage’ s and only when needed we will use cool jackets. You can always get water jackets and and run water through them via a separate cooler. Hope some of this helps.

    • Hi Joe, do you literally just use the cooler for your lines so actual keg is stored at ambient temperature? Thanks, Dan

  3. Hi, I used to have 3 kegs in the bar and chilled the products via a shelf cooler. This wasn’t ideal but at the time that’s what was installed by the cellar tech. Our bar is in our wedding venue and as you can imagine when you have 3 products running through one chiller your really pushing it to the limit during the summer. The final straw for me was when the ice pack melted due to a failing chiller and a replacement keg at ambient temp ( summer ).
    I put a digital thermometer in the bar and could easily reach 28 degrees with all the bottle chillers glass washer running. So I decided to fit 2 large fans to move air through the bar, I installed 2 larger chillers at floor level. The lager goes through one chiller twice and the other chiller has thatchers going through twice and bitter once. Spare kegs are kept in an area as cool as possible. This now works really well for me.


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