V15 vision will not make ice bank


I have a v15 unit worked great until I switched it off for a month whilst renovating the building. It makes all the right sounds but will not pull down the temperature?


  1. If you can hear the compressor start, which will be anything from a few seconds to a couple of minutes after power on, but you should be able to hear it over the din of the fan and recirc pump, but it’s not cooling, the most likely cause is it has lost gas pressumre and you’ll need a fridge / remote tech to check for the leaks, reseal and re-gas. Of course it could be the comp itself, but you should be able to feel and hear that kick into action.

  2. As above, also if it is a water cooled remote also check the glycol level the two black pipes going to outside may have been damaged if you have had building work going on.


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