Vertical extraction


Ale extractor disassembledWe have just had vertical siphoning system fitted.

Could anyone tell me the best way to sterilize the lances.when sterilized how to store the lances until needed.

Hope someone can help





  1. You can get a “bath”, for the extractor, made of plastic or similar ,about four and a half ft. long with a drain at one end,
    screw off the filter at the base of extractor ,plus any blank end screw caps ,fill partly with water, the bath, and a touch of line cleaner, then place extractor or extractors, in bath and soak for twenty minutes or so, then clean out with the extractor brush,
    then dry all parts and wrap in a clean sheet, or plastic bag till needed, BUT if stored for longer than a week or two, clean them again BEFORE use.

      • Sorry about the delay in answering , YES, always rince ALL equipment in clean water, twice if you have the time, never use equipmen that has been sterilized until its been flushed out with clean water, other wise, your first few pints will contain traces of line cleaner, as a matter of fact, a landlord was convicted in court of serving beer /lager with line cleaner STILL in the lines, if you are not shire if you have put enough water through your lines /equipment , vertical extractors, allways put a few more pints of clean water through, equipment, RATHER to much clean water ,than not enough, you will not go wrong then,

  2. Hi Ken
    As you can see in the picture there is a brush you can purchase to clean the inside of the tube. The easiest way would be to use a line cleaning solution then rinse and let it dry.By letting it dry that would sterilise it.

  3. The only addition I could suggest is if you have a bathwhich can be sealed. Place the tubes in the bath and fill with Proton Guardian and leave for the time reccomended for the concetration of Guardian you have chosen,

  4. Hello Ken, The best and most effective way is to soak the extractor in a mild cleaning solution and clean with a brush (as already stated about). Although I have seen some establishments that cleaned the extractor with normal beer line cleaner at the same time they did the lines, placing the extractor into the 50L “torpedo” and cleaning as normal, it should be noted that this way will be less effective as you really need to give the tube a good scrub with a brush.

    For storage you should leave them dry and in a safe location, off the floor, preferably on a dedicated board with your other cask items, give each one a quick clean if it has been sat for longer than a week and make sure they are dry before use..

  5. I would like to say a big thank you
    To you all, who has given me so much sound information regarding the cleaning of vertical extraction system.


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