Vintage Stowells Wine Chiller Tap


tapHi, I have a vintage (80’s) Stowells wine chiller that takes 4 boxes of wine, 3 white and one red. The taps do not fit modern wine boxes and wondered if someone could let me know where I can purchase the correct taps to fit new style boxes.




  1. Hello Graham, I can help you with this as I source equipment for our Draught wine in kegs. Feel free to contact me for any guidance. U would leave a number but on here bur I don’t think I can but if you go to you will find my number amd email. All the best


    • Hi I have had a stowells wine machine and cud get three hills boxes to fit but now they have changed their taps to so currently nothing fits ? Are u still able to help out with this ?

  2. Hi Glenn I have same problem. Just spent £82 on a four pack of stowells wine from bookers in Peterborough only to find they don’t fit my stowells machine!!
    Would appreciate any advice please!

  3. I got the stowells engineer to give me four new connectors which with a bit of cutting about, and raising the level of the box by 5mm I got them to work but the boxes are a fiddle to change and BOOKERS say they are de-listing the 3ltr boxes this week – April 17


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