Have recently noticed at my local club, where I’m a committee member, that bar staff are turning taps on and letting beer/lager flow before putting glass under tap, resulting in what I think is excessive wastage. Having been a publican for 25 years I challenged this practice only to be told, by the steward, that I’m ‘old fashioned and this is ‘the way they do it nowadays.’ Could vaguely understand it if they were only doing it at the start of each session, though if the lines are kept clean don’t believe it should be necessary even then but they are actually doing it between pouring 2 pints in the same round. Who’s right me or them


  1. Hi Shelagh, I would agree with you totally and would go further with the beer systems they have nowadays you shouldn’t have any waste at all, In theory anyway If they are have initial fobbing problems, then it would be the down the line cleaning regime they have.

  2. I’d be questioning the training of the steward. Most companies now expect a surplus on keg beer because of the 5% head. So pouring beer down the drain is wasting members money. Needs to be put to the committee.

  3. What!!! You are joking? This is not acceptable at all. To be truthful I have seen this in fancy bars, I think it is nonsense. You should not have to waste any beer what so ever to serve a pint. These need a kick up the arse. Wasted beer is wasted profit! Sack em!!

  4. Thanks everyone for your input, will now take it up with the committee. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t just being ‘old fashioned’

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