Water is coming out of the keg beer remote cooler



Looking at the keg beer remote cooler, firstly see if you can see where the water is coming from. If it is leaking generally from the bottom of the machine, you need to send for your local technician.

If however you see the water is running out of a tube, which is situated, on one of the sides of the machine near the top, then this is perfectly normal. This water is meant to escape from the machine as overflow, due to the continual cycling of the ice within the unit.

Also some small amounts of water on or around the top of the remote can be expected, and is the result of condensation on the python. If in doubt it is always best to send for your local technician.


  1. Water will always find it’s way out of the remote cooler via the overflow tank connector. The average capacity of most tanks is 60 litres and the weight of the ice bank is around 20kg’s. The water/ice will expand by up to 10% (once below 4 degrees C), therefore this displacement will find it’s way out via the overflow as typically the bath will be filled just below the overflow. The top pump also agitates the water continuously to ensure the bath is a uniform temperature along with a clear ice bank.

    As per the previous comment some residual condensate will also find it’s way in to the bath from where the 2 x 15mm python (flow and return) terminates at the pump isolators but this is negligible. When filling the bath consider filling just below the overflow by a couple of inches but adjust this once the top lid with the coils is in place as there will also be displacement from the coils especially if they are the more bulky 10 metre coils, there will be no more than 8 x 10 metre coils in a lid. Standard coils of 3.8 metres will number between 10 to 14 coils.

    I’ve never known a tank to split (only the smaller tanks in the soft drinks coolers). If it is in the bottom it may well be that your bottom tank connector is suspect and/or there will either be a 15mm John Guest stop end or a 15mm isolator, both used to drain the tank. However, again, I’ve never known either to leak but worth viewing through the front panel to confirm. Hope this helps.

  2. Water coming from the bottom of the remote cooler. Split tank, I don’t thing so. I’ve had a split tank. ( one ) not so long ago. Months, which I repaired, with no problems since. Not looking at your remote, I would say it could be a 15m speed fit or most likely the GLYCOL pump leaking water. Ex cellar service with major brewery since 17th / march 1969 And still going strong.

    • You mean the remote system I think. Yes they can leak from the speedfits on the top into the tank where the ice forms.

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