Water supply for line cleaning


Hi when cleaning my lines is it possible t connect the cleaning pump direct to the water supply ? As he caller has two ring main so it dose take some time to clean all 48 lines. As we know a good clean dose take time so I a, just looking to sped it up a little


  1. When we used to clean the nightclub, we had mains water at around 8psi. We didn’t even bother with the cleaning pump – mains pressure water straight onto the cleaning ring. Obviously you have to take it off and connect to the tank/pump to put the cleaning fluid though, but we had a huge tank for that.

  2. There are a couple of major problems with connecting to a mains water system. Which is why the main brewers stay away from doing this. The first is cross contamination, in other words the water companies will come down on you like a ton of bricks. They are so worried about cleaning fluid getting into the drinking water supply which it can easily do if the line cleaning system pressure is higher than your local water pressure. There is a similar problem with soft drink systems with carbonated water getting in to water supply and playing havoc with the copper pipes. They have something like two non return valves to prevent this.

    The other is the opposite, high mains pressure can blow out cellarbuoys and diaphragms in electric pumps and gas pumps. I think there are some line cleaning system out there that can do it this way but they must have non return valves etc. http://bit.ly/2wzJzRR


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