We use 30/70 gas for bitter can we use the CO2 instead?


Co2-gas-regWe currently use 70/30 gas for draught ansells best bitter at our bowling club, but the brewery we now use only supplies CO2 gas, can we use the CO2 instead? we currently use CO2 for cider.






You can use Co2, Ansells Bitter used to be dispensed using Co2. However depending on the run from the container it may need a gas pump to assist getting to the tap. Your local technical dispense services will need to  sort this out for you, to balance the “Top Pressure” with the temp of your cellar. However the reason we use 30/70 mixed gas these days is that it can be very forgiving and has virtually wiped out the problems we used to have with fobbing bitters.


  1. For a mobile bar yes, but only if its sold quickly, if it is left for days the Co2 gas will begin to leave the liquid and start to taste slightly flat.


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