Wetherspoons and cask beer


Just to say that "Spoons" does a good job in promoting cask beer. A recent visit to a Wetherspons in Poole , Dorset proved this. Having ordered up a couple of pints ,can’t remember what brew it was, the barmaid asked if I would like to try some others. Free samples are never to be missed, even little tiny ones. I had a taste of six beers on the bar. Any way full marks Wetherspoons for training your staff and giving me the opportunity to taste before I bought


  1. I agree Barfly, There are a lot of things about Wetherspoons that people don’t like , but the Cask festival they put on does seem to give a lot of smaller breweries the chance to promote their beers on a national level.

  2. Spoons continue to lead the way. Giving Joe public has payed off big time for them. Good beer, food and consistent cask beer quality. They may be big and not everyone thinks big is beautiful but you can’t knock them.

  3. With lager sales falling through the floor in a lot of pubs,mine included, it makes sense to have a look at the Whetherspoons model and see if us ordinary lanlords can pick up any ideas from them, ie. cask beer. Given that they probably get a far better deal on their wholesale beer prices than the rest of us maybe rethinking our own business at this time of year might be productive. Getting bums on seats is what it is all about. I wish I could reduce my prices and spend a bit on refurbishing but that doesn’t seem likely just now. Anyway I am rambling a bit …just the thoughts of a worried landlord suffering a bit from post Christmas depression…..vallium eanybody? ??) ??)

  4. Well Den January is nearly over, always a tough one for us pubs. Reading in the papers it seems one of the big chains, Punch I think, is in a bit of financial bother. Remember the old adage, What goes around comes around. How many people have lost money and suffered as a result of taking on a pub with one of these pub groups.
    I wonder what will happen if one of these large chains goes bust? Lots of pubs up for grabs I expect and maybe it might be a good thing for the Trade. lets see what happens.

  5. I read in the Sunday papers that Wetherspoons are waiting to open the first motorway pub. The goverment is likely to change the law shortly which will give Wetherspoons the green light. Think it’s a good idea myself. I just wonder if the beer and food they sell will be as expensive as the food currently offered by the motorway operators. If "Spoons" offer good prices they will do very well and us punters will at last be able to afford to eat at a motorway services…

  6. Are Wetherspoons the Tesco of the pub trade? I think they might be. Small pubs cannot compete on the same level, especially if you are with a pub chain.

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