What equipment to use for a performance venue


Working on a refurbishment for a venue that can do up to 1200 people for a standing gig, 350 for a sit down meal, and 750 for a sit down performance. Unsure what equipment is available as there will not be any space for a cellar for kegs. Are there other solutions available that can dispense volume in a short space of time (15/20 min interval), but then there might be days/weeks where there are no requirements for keg beer? Or is it just best to focus on bottles and forget all about dispensing beer?


  1. If there is no space for a cellar, the only real option is a fridge truck or permanent cold store (outside or whereever). You could run this a 2 degrees (assuming all your stock is appropriate for this temperature), then gas pump this straight up a python with a relatively small remote / glycol cooler doing nothing other than water recirc around the python.
    As your kegs are already at 2 degrees, so long as you keep the recirc cold, you’ve no need for additional cooling at all. Of course the fridge truck/walk in cold room is going to have to be kept running, but you’ll have enough life on your unopened kegs to cover the days/weeks when you haven’t a performance on, and indeed if it’s days, enough on them to use the part used ones too.

    While draught might seem complicated in comparison to bottle service, you are going to need a large cool store for the bottles in any case, as with those sales volumes you’re unlikely to have enough bar back fridges or bottle dumps to cope, and are therefore going to need to restock with pre-chilled bottles.

    Furthermore, licensing may prevent bottles in the first instance (or even your local risk assessment if not licensing) so you might be forced down the draught route, and perhaps even high speed dispense (bottom fill or similar)

    This is something we’ve fair experience in from mobile events, nightclubs and arenas. I think you’ll find draught is the answer, and that standard remote ice banks won’t cope with the volumes unless you are prepared to buy dozens. However a walk in cold store is a dream, assuming your keg deliveries have a couple of days to chill before service of course, as per bottles/cans..


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