What gas should I use on my Cider?


Co2 is used by most cider makers.


  1. I have a cooler at home and always used 60/40 gas for thatchers cider but my supplier has stop selling 60/40 and told me 70/30 is the one to use from now on yet my friend who uses the same supplier who also has thatchers cider was told to use co2.please help which one is the best.

    • Personally I would install and use 60/40 on any lager or cider in a under counter setup or home bar due to temperature fluctuation as usually not in a chilled cellar environment, as there is less co2 % in 60/40 compared to 100% co2 the keg won’t absorb the gas as quick into the liquid and be pouring foam. I have also seen Thatchers installed on 30/70 in slow throughput account for the reason I mentioned above so it depends on your throughput but using 30/70 Will give you a flatter pour as only 30%co2 when you start to get half way through the keg

      Hope this helps


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