What is a flash cooler?


A flash cooler or what is sometimes called an under-counter cooler, is a device for cooling draught beers. They are mains powered refrigerated units and are usually filled with water.The water forms an ice-bank within the cooler and as beer is passed through it is chilled to a desired temperature. There are less flash coolers about these days as remote python cooling units are more widely used.


  1. Hi.
    My hotel is closing for a month, I have cleaned the lager line, and left water in the line.
    Should I do this please? and is it ok to turn the flash cooler off as it is not required at the moment?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Maureen,

      Keeping water in beer lines is actually very bad, even for a short time. The water will begin to go bad and can cause the lines to pick up a flavour taint which will then cause issues with your beer.

      You will also need to re-clean the lines thoroughly before they are used again to ensure that your beer doesnt become contaminated with unwanted bacteria.

      There are products on the market that you can put in the lines to preserve them and prevent tainting, one that we make is called Guardian – Beer Line protector

      If you would like some information on it I can email you some through leaflets just drop us a message at mail@proton-group.co.uk

      Yes you can turn off the flash cooler if it isnt to be used for a month, but it will need to be turned back on in plenty of time before reopening to allow it to get down to temperature.

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