what is the legislation for safe hygienic working practices when cleaning drink line dispense?


With reference from the BRITISH BEER & PUB ASSOCIATION:-  The Beer Quality and Safety Panel promote the regular cleaning and maintenance of beer dispense lines.  Beer is classified as a food under The Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations 1995 and the same standards of hygiene should therefore be applied to cellars as to kitchens.

Cleanliness of dispense equipment is essential to maintain high standards of quality and presentation.  Hazy beers with a poor palate can often be attributed to a build-up of yeast and other micro-organisms in beer lines.  Good hygiene is also essential to prevent the development of micro-organisms which could present a food safety hazard.  The objective of line cleaning is to maintain a constant state of hygiene and not to wait for yeast to accumulate.  The guidance therefore recommends the cleaning of beer and cider dispense systems at least every seven days.


  1. In the above paragraphs regulations and guidance are quoted. If lines have no been cleaned for, say, 15 days what can a customer do?

  2. ‘The guidance therefore recommends the cleaning of beer and cider dispense systems at least every seven days’. That is exactly what it is ‘guidance’, nothing is set in stone if the publican cleans his lines every 15 days and the beer tastes good and the beer is crystal clear in the glass and the lines, then everything is as it should be. Every Pub is different some have colder cellars than others etc. However if the beer doesn’t taste good or the beer is hazy then the customer should tell him or her so, if this isn’t acknowledged then the customer should drink somewhere else.

    • Thanks for replying. I did not go in my local because the beer was shocking. The manager was on holiday for a fortnight but the stand in said he had cleaned the lines. Could have had bottled beer but why put money into people’s pockets who do not care about customers.

  3. Hi
    What are the regs on using ultrasonic cleaning systems for beer lines? I am a new pub Manager and this system was installed before I took the job and I’m not sure what to think of it.

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