What will happen if I use 70/30 mixed gas with lagers?


The Co2 content isn’t as high in 30/70 mixed gas and therefore 60/40 mixed gas should be used. If you do use 30/70 mixed gas over couple of days or so the product will lose some its charge and taste a bit flat. It is sometimes used for temporary bars where the product is selling fast. Do not and I repeat do not use 60/40 gas on keg ale, Mild or Guinness.


  1. I have heard of getting gas for our draught beer straight from a connection on the wall and pay monthly, does anyone know what this is called? I put my last gas bottle on on Saturday, and it ran out on Monday night, don’t think they are being filled properly x

  2. My system runs CO2 and 70/30 gasses, but I ran out of 70/30 gas, is it ok to hook up a bottle of 60/40 instead to run along side the CO2?

  3. If you suspect a leak on any gas then turn your bottle off and keep an eye on your gauge over 5-10 mins if you have a leak it will drop depending on the extent of the leak. If it drops then spray all joints connections with leak detector or mix washing up liquid with water in spray bottle. If you have a leak then it will bubble or foam around the leak.

  4. Hi
    My setup came with 30/70 gas. I am serving amstel and its now gone flat. How can I revive it? Will simply switching to 60/40 fix the problem?


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