Which Mixed Gas?


Hi, I was wondering which mixed gas I should use, I have read that largers such as carling and fosters should have 60/40 but gusiness and john smiths should be 70/30. I have both of these on my bar. The full range on my bar is Stella, Fosters, carling, Strongbow, Peroni, Gussiness, john smiths and tetleys.

I have 2 gas cyclinders connected in the cellar co2 and a mixed gas currently 70/30, a recent problem I have been having is the carling and sometimes the peroni throbbing, the carling is quite bad.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

PS – the fosters and everything else seems to be fine, although the stella can be quite lively

thanks in advance


  1. Hi Tommy, welcome to Inndoctor.
    Interesting problem you have. Starting at the beginning, 60/40 gas should not be the cause of any fobbing problems, although the gas of choice for lagers will always be co2. The fact you are not having problems with your Fosters seems to bear this out.
    Fobbing can be the result of slow sales. You should be selling a keg of Peroni or Carling reasonably within 4 to 5 days. after this, depending on your cellar conditions and wether you have cellar cooling, CO2 can be absorbed by the beer, making it very lively. Are Carling and Peroni slow sellers?
    Regular weekly line cleaning is another important factor in preventing fobbing, but the fact your other products are relatively problem free excludes this.
    Speed of dispense can be another factor. Have your Molson Coors rep check dispense speed. It is amazing how critical the rate at which beer comes from the tap can affect dispense.
    Is your Carling extra cold font condensating? If not your cooler may be faulty.
    If you have several Carling and Peroni taps are they all being used regularly by your staff? Taps not used regularly can become problematic.
    Your problems may be down to incorrect keg balance pressures, in which case you will need to get your friendly Coors Molson rep involved.
    I hope this information might point you in the right direction. Don’t forget don’t suffer in silence waste beer is waste money from business.

  2. Thanks for the reply boz, peroni and carling are both qick sellers, probably the best sellers of the lagers. They have been fine previously for the past 6 months when we took over. The carling pump is cole although it has just started n the last week to form ice around it which it has done before but then stopped doing and has now started again, the peroni font is fine thats just dripping as it should be

  3. Hi Tommy, You could check the mixed gas cylinders to see if they are the correct mix. Not being patronising here but it is easy to put a 70/30 cylinder on, perhaps delivered in error.
    If these products are within the correct temperature range, your lines nice and clean, then the problem should be either balacnce pressure or dispense speed, that is assuming keg coupler seals are in place and not damaged.
    Taking an educated guess going on what you describe I would get Molson Coors to check the dispense speeds.
    Keep us posted it is great to get feed back.
    Cheers Boz.

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