Why change Brands


So my current supplier wants to stop supplying Inbev products. we are a Wedding Venue, we do one event per week which im more than happy with. we currently have Becks Vier, Thatchers Gold, Bombardier smooth all through a mini remote and Guiness surger from the bottle chillers. The supplier wants to supply Heinken beers, amstel , john smiffs sorry smiths and strong bow dark fruits. Now we have a cellar thats not water proof and doesnt have a concrete floor and i wouldnt want to put anything electrical in there. I just store Kegs in there, so the question is would you swop brands knowing that Heineken are Super Chilled and are more expensive or would you change supplier.


  1. You could still use the existing equipment to put any products you wish on, Doesn’t necessarily have to be super chilled. If you don’t want to change your products then change your supplier, you can get in touch with InBev to find a wholesaler who sells their products in your area.

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