Why does cellarbuoy keep dropping?


Check the condition of your keg seals. If at all damaged change them, that is if you have been instructed on how to.

May be a faulty keg try a different one.

Could also be the wrong gas pressure, put a call to tech services to get it checked out.



  1. Also could be a problem with cellar temperature… A couple of times when I have had this happen it has been because part of the cap from the keg has snapped and the plastic has fallen inside. So it doest make a good seal between the rubber washer of the keg and keg connector.

    • The gas vv will need adjusting. For this you will need to call out cellar services to balance the top pressure of the container with the temperature of the cellar. Or if you haven’t one installed you may need a gas pump. Tech services will advise you of this.

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