Why shouldn’t you leave beer line in water?


If beer dispensers are not in use it is better to leave them in water. However although they may not be in use they must still be flushed out regularly with fresh water. Water left in beer lines for extended periods will be become contaminated with bacteria, causing the water to develop sulphur type smells and even tainting the beer pipe permanently.


  1. You should try to do it weekly with your normal cleaning cycle, water starts to stagnate after a few days and you get that smell and taste. Perhaps freshen up with a mild cleaning solution monthly. If your talking about looking after your lines through the pub being closed through this crisis. There is a product by Proton called Guardian that seems to work you just clean your lines in the normal way and leave this in the lines and seems to work for up to six months so they claim.
    I do not have any connection with the company whatsoever.

  2. Hi,
    If you’re going to leave anything in the line during this crisis, beer is always better than water due to permanent damage by water tainting. Just make sure you turn off all gas and disengage the keg coupler at the keg and leave remotes on.

    Or you can clean your lines as normal then blow lines with air at the end then turn your remotes off.


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