Will Angram handpump dispense Brewlock beers?


Hi there. Most of our UK beers in the USA use C02 to dispense but lately we’re getting a few brewlocks come in – Strongbow, Heinekin, Newcastle Brown etc where the beer itself is in a bladder and a small compressor forces air between the disposable keg and bladder and thus squeezes the beer through the line without adding any extra carbonation. I was wondering if it was possible to use an Angram hand-pump to dispense these beers and do away with the compressor? Aesthetically it would be great to use hand-pumps seldom seen over here. Anyone else tried this or know if its possible?

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  1. I have used an Angram pump to pull Beer from a Beer Bag. A Beer Bag is a plastic bladder in a cardboard box. As you pull the beer it colapses the bag, air pressure helping to press the bag in.It works well and keeps the beer “fresh” as the air doesnt get to the beer untill it is in the glass.
    Talk to Angram, they are very helpfull and do pumps with or without a cooling unit.

  2. Simple answer yes. When a beer engine is dispensing from a cask the beer is only subject to normal atmospheric pressure exactly the same as your bag in the box beers/ciders. Anagrams are pretty good beer engines, the best probably. Cheers

  3. Strongbow, Heinekin, Newcastle Brown are all keg beers, an Angram hand-pull is for cask ales.

    In theory you could use any beer engine on a pressurised line as long as it’s got a check valve behind the beer engine to regulate the flow, otherwise it would just push through beer engine cylinder.

    A similar system we have here is Bag in box(or bladder in a box if you like) that is gravity fed and drawn via a gas pump that pushes it to the check valve. Thus allowing the beer hand-pull to work the way it should, this way also does not add extra carbonisation. And would give cask ales an extended shelf life.

    • Thank you Vic et al. Strongbow, Heinekin & Newcastle are available in the USA both as keg beers using Co2 or as 20L Brewlock bladder in bottle which sounds the same as your bladder in box, again not adding any extra carbonation hence I was thinking that without added Co2 going into the liquid to push it out, then a hand pull should do the same job as the compressor that squeezes the bag to push the beer out. I’m guessing I may need to put a hole in the outer bottle to allow air into the cavity as the bag empties otherwise I may get a vacuum if trying to pull it out via hand-pull?

  4. A handpull wouldn’t pull it directly out of the bag unless it was tilted at a 45 degree angle so it would drain out by gravity but then that might not work and you would need to assist it with a gas pump. But you wouldn’t need to put a hole in the outer bottle just disconnect the air side on the coupler and remove the non return.

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