Wondering what you use to clean the wine lines?



I have recently took over a bar and was wondering what you use to clean the wine lines? I know they don’t need cleaning as often as beer lines. Do you just use the line cleaning fluid that you use in the beer lines? Or is there something different? I did a course but the wine lines didn’t come up on it.



  1. I have been cleaning beer lines since 1968, and the last ten, doing wine, I add the line from the bib, bag in box, to the ring main, and clean ALL lines with line cleaner, and can say it’s worked every time, l

  2. I used to install draught wine systems and the advised cleaning was the same as the beer but once every 4-6 weeks. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to do it weekly as many times there would be a build up of sugar if people missed a clean every now and again causing issues.

    • That’s right Johnny keg, I know they say “every few weeks”. But you know, something else will pop up the week you want to clean, so, do it weekly, that way you could leave the wine /cider in a box for next time, knowing you did it the week before, but, don’t make it a routine to leave line cleaning.

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