yieldI work in a committee led club, recently I was told by a LORRY DRIVER who sits on the committee that my yield was not correct at 96.62%, he had taken figures from our quietest months January & February, when I explained to him that yield varies according to turnover in defined stock taking periods he stated that the expected average National yield was 98% and mine was not good enough!When I told him to go Bollocks he was a little offended. Mind you the same LORRY DRIVER has in the past stated that waste in the bar when open should be between 1/2 a pint and 1 pint (same bloke who always wants his pint topping up), spread this over 24 heads and it is a a tiny amount per head, I shake more off my appendage after visiting the gents!In fact I may now shake it into his pint when he wants it topping up, that will save on waste! Any advice on Yields and where this learned person has dug the National average of 98% up from.


  1. Got to love a committee led system! Lorry driver by day , hire and fire by night. There is no national average and comparing yield can be difficult if you don’t compare like for like. For example does your yield include a cleaning allowance? some do and some don’t. Does it include cask where you have less chance of getting all the beer from the cask compared to keg. Are you using metered kit so every time you serve a pint? do you use lined glasses so even with a head you give a whole pint. If you use pint to brim glasses and are based in the north then I would expect 98% is quite achievable if you take off the cleaning allowance. Each pint you will serve will be 95% of a pint to allow for a head

  2. Cheers Mr Geido, had a word with my stocktaker who said my yield was totally acceptable and did point out if figures for our busiest months had been used the yield would have been touching 98%,but as you say there is NO national average and depends on various circumstances in your own outlet.
    Tall Alex, I have nothing against Lorry Drivers, I just take exception to the "experts" who stand at the other side of the bar pontificating about how a bar should be run, how beer is cheaper in Wetherspoons and numerous other comments of articulate intelligence when in all honesty they know sweet FA about the trade.

  3. let this "expert" have a go, he will soon be back the other side of the bar where he belongs, Tosser he is.all ways spouting and knows f… ALL.
    pump cleaner.

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